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The Major Discovery that Happened when I Decided to Become a Consultant

Last year I made an incredible discovery. After more than twenty years working for world-class manufacturing companies leading successful business transformations, and achieving breakthrough improvements for FORTUNE 500 companies, I found myself with the opportunity of becoming an independent consultant.

I thought that after amassing an arsenal of killer tools for business improvement, I could go on my own and become a trusted advisor for companies with pressing challenges. However, that wasn’t my discovery.

After a few exchanges with my first customer, I knew what exactly what I needed to do in order to achieve five-fold what they wanted. I provided three scenarios: a 15% Improvement, 25% and 50% improvement. The customer thought that 15% improvement was more than what they made in a year, and considered that 25% was a very challenging goal that we could agree upon. I was grinning inside.

Not only I could achieve a 100% improvement for them, but also, I could move them from earning an unimaginable couple of dozen thousand dollars to at least a million!

The discovery was that on my first day as a consultant I realized that I didn’t want to be one: I wanted to be a businesswoman, a moneymaking machine! I could see opportunities where others didn’t see them. I was a rainmaker and I didn’t know it!

That same year I learned about the Gallup Builder Profile and the BP10™ assessment. I took the test and the revelation left me in awe. I couldn’t agree more with the results. I can’t say I was surprised by the results, but it was a moment of self-awareness, a moment that opened my eyes to the multiple possibilities waiting for me out there.

Then I became an entrepreneur, and also a Gallup Builder Talent Coach. I wanted to help others unlock their builder talents: help them feel the joy of looking at themselves under a different lens, and enable them in their decision of living the life they are meant to live.

It is my mission to be a builder of builders. Do you want to know what are my top four builder talents?

1. Confidence (I know myself well, I have strong self-belief, and I can convince others of my ability to get positive results).

2. Determination (I exhibit tremendous work ethic, I am tenacious, persistent, and I have the ability to recover from setbacks).

3. Independence (I can single-handedly operate an organization, I can autonomously set goals and take action, I am able to multitask).

4. Knowledge (I constantly search for new information what I am doing, I obsess about it, and I value information as an asset)

Then it was no surprise that “Selling” was my fifth one. I must confess that I have always hated sales. But I didn’t know what it was. With my knowledge comes my independence, my determination is my power which all lead to my confidence. Therefore, selling comes easy.

After two decades of running projects, operations and strategies, I thought that my role would be “Conductor”. In reality I am a true “Rainmaker”, that means that I am boldly self-confident in my ability to succeed, and I rarely miss a money-making opportunity. And that, my friends I learned on my first and last day as a consultant.

To learn more about Gallup Builder Talent Coaching and how to discover your Talents, visit our website.

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