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"Ungoverned" Northern Ireland

Picture of Carrickfergus Castle in Northern Ireland
Carrickfergus Castke, Northern Ireland. Photo Credit: Rosa Elleni Vargas Brito

Northern Ireland has always been close to my heart. While I’m spending a week with my high school best friend’s family, everything seems calm an cozy inside. However, I am in terrible shock that this territory has been without a government for more than 20 months, dethroning Belgium who was the holder of the Guinness World Record of contemporary Europe's longest peacetime period without a functioning Cabinet. There are no locally appointed ministers and there have been numerous efforts in trying to find a decision-making procedure for critical decisions. Needless to say that the Budget is overstretched. What is it going to take the UK’s prime minister to solve this situation? As UK gets closer to a Brexit deal, the “voice” of Northern Ireland can no longer be ignored.

Former US secretary of state Hillary Clinton has urged Northern Ireland’s politicians to “put their quarrels aside” and form an interim government. That was her statement at her speech at Queens University while receiving a honorary degree last week. This interim government must assure the best outcome for NI as a result of Brexit. “Peace, not paralysis”. #peace #northernireland #uk #government #action #decisionmaking #carrickferguscastle

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